“Quality has a label – IVD”

With this motto the IVD INDUSTRIEVERBAND DICHTSTOFFE E.V., the leading Central European Adhesives and Sealant Manufacturers Association, formulated its claim and mission: setting standards for a high quality level of sealants and the execution of applications; thus creating a standard to which all market participants - industry, planners, performers and investors - can refer.

The most important component for this are the IVD Instruction Sheets created by the IVD working groups, which represent the current state of the art around construction joint seals.

All IVD-Instruction Sheets can be found here online and as a free PDF download.

IVD-Instruction Sheets


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    • ivd-merkblatt02_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 2
      Classification of Sealants - According to the CPD (CE marking) and international standardization - Classification by elastic / plastic behavior and Maximum Movement Accommodation
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 615.54 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt04_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 4
      Sealing of outside Wall Joints in building construction with Elastomeric Joint Tapes
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 736.30 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt05_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 5
      Sealing with Butyl-Tape Properties, Handling, Applications
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 676.69 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt07_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 7
      Elastic Joint Seals in Facades of Ceramic Tiles fixed with mortar
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 616.90 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt11_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 11
      Explanation of „Fire Protection“- Technical Terms from the perspective of Sealants and Joints purged with sealants
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 469.50 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt12_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 12
      The Paintability of movement accommodating Sealants in Building Construction - Requirements and Implications -
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 451.13 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt14_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 14
      Sealants and Mould infestation Causes – Precaution - Restoration
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 564.85 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt15_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 15
      The Maintenance of movement accommodating Sealants and affixed elastic Joint Tapes
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 462.63 KByte
    • ivd-merkblatt16_gb.pdf
      IVD-Instruction Sheet No. 16
      Perimetre Joints in Dry Construction -Applications of gun-grade Sealants-
      Acrobat PDF-Dokument, 590.99 KByte

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